Sleep Therapy & Research Center helps teach and train entry level sleep technicians in conjunction with the Texas School of Sleep Medicine & Technology through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s ASTEP Introductory Program. The addition of our clinical externships assures well trained and skilled sleep professionals in performing their duties.

Through our facility we also provide Sleep Technicians and Technologists on a contractual basis to other sleep labs throughout the state of Texas. We have supplied well trained individuals to military and private sleep centers since 2006.

Our board-certified sleep medicine physicians have extensive training and years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, such as snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome. Our sleep medicine doctors will personally and thoroughly review the data collected during your sleep study so they can make an accurate diagnosis, share the results with you and discuss treatment options for your sleep disorder. They will follow your progress closely to ensure you achieve optimal results. We have three sleep lab locations in the San Antonio area to provide polysomnography, multiple sleep latency testing, EKG, pulmonary function or our sleep medicine specialists can schedule a Home Sleep Test for you.

The Sleep Therapy & Research Center is not just a sleep laboratory that performs sleep studies, but a true Sleep Disorders Center in which our sleep specialists are directly involved in your evaluation and treatment on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we are engaged in the latest and most innovative technologies related to sleep evaluation and care. Our participation in Clinical Sleep Research enhances our ability to bring you the most up to date understanding of newer treatment options. Most recently, we are involved with various evaluation & treatment modalities for Sleep Apnea / Sleep Disordered Breathing. These include Upper Airway Stimulation (Inspire Medical’s Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation – FDA approved in 2014) and the use of a Remote Controlled Mandibular Positioning Device (Zephyr Matrix System – aids in assessing whether Mandibular Advancement Devices will work for teating sleep apnea and if so, at a definable level of jaw protrusion). These novel approaches will aid us to offer our patients with more options of care.

You can be confident that our professional team of board-certified sleep medicine physicians, clinical psychologist and registered technologists will provide you the individualized, compassionate care you deserve.


Sleep Therapy & Research Center has developed a HIPAA Compliant Sleep Health Informatics Portal (SHIP) in conjunction with the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics Information Data Exchange and Acquisition System (IDEAS). This tool allows physicians and dentists to communicate directly with our sleep specialists. The Sleep Health Informatics Portal (SHIP) helps these caregivers perform Home Sleep Testing directly from their offices with interpretation by STRC’s Sleep Specialists and aids them in follow-up for patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing. This innovative tool allows for a seemless communication between the Primary Care Provider / Dentist or other Physician Specialist. Uploading and downloading of Sleep Information specific to patients in their practices allows for better care and development of professional relationships. The development of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems, including Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH), makes this service a necessity for proper care and education between primary care Providers and Sleep Specialists. We anticipate STRC becoming a recognized Patient-Centered Specialty Practice in 2015.

In addition, Sleep Therapy & Research Center has a Dental Sleep Medicine Affiliate Member Program. More information can be found at Become a member today!

Get help for your sleep disorder today. For an experienced sleep disorders physician in the San Antonio, Texas area, call the Sleep Therapy & Research Center today at (210) 614-6000 or request an appointment online.